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About Redstart Seo

Just as the Redstart’s orange-red tail is instantly recognisable – so should your website be. Whether we work on a photography website, an online clothing store or a car insurance company – the aim is still the same – to get your website to work naturally harder for you and your business.

Our approach to Search Engine Optimisation is always the same – treat everyone as unique – which is why we become fully immersed in your marketing strategy before we target and create any keywords, content or social networking strategies.

Over the years, Redstart SEO has learnt the true value of working closely alongside clients. This kind of partnership produces a website that targets the right audience and gets the results you want. Through analysis, research and meeting your business needs, you will end up with an SEO campaign that is fully managed, tailored and at a price that actually suits you and your budget.

Redstart SEO Services

On-Site SEO Strategies from Redstart SEO

On-Site SEO Strategy

With our On-Site SEO strategy, we use SEO tactics that involves directly editing your website, both visually and hidden. This method has direct consequences on how well your website will appear on Search Engines. We determine just how accessible your website is to people with disabilities, how mobile phone users see and interact and user friendly your website is. We also measure, monitor and improve the quality and volume of content. We also then check for any technological errors that may cause unwanted errors with Search Engines.

Off-Site SEO Strategies from Redstart SEO

Off-Site SEO Strategy

With our Off-Site SEO strategy, we use SEO tactics that do not require any direct manipulation of your website to improve its presence across the whole Internet and not just to Search Engines. We will measure, monitor and improve the sharability of your content across Social Media Networks. Link Building is dead – so we will earn your website quality and authoritative links that Search Engines will not punish you for.

Content Marketing Strategies from Redstart SEO

Content Strategy

The way we see it – your users come first and so does our Content strategies. We concentrate on making sure your website will become something people will love to use and come back to again and again. To do this, we target on improving your website to become a place of authority within your industry. We can’t repeat this enough – great content creates great, natural, links and encourages people to naturally share your content.

E-Commerce Website Strategies from Redstart SEO

E-Commerce Strategy

The competitive and complex nature of e-commerce websites needs a different approach when it comes to SEO. Our approach recognises the most important pages and pinpoint your maximum return. We specialise in providing product descriptions that are unique and easily found across the internet through On-site optimisation and hard monitoring that allows us to go above and beyond expectations.

Local SEO Strategies from Redstart SEO

Local SEO Strategy

2014 has seen a huge rise of mobile search that has changed the way we see and analysis your websites performance results. Our local SEO strategies focuses on presenting users with local results ahead of standard searches that are unrelated to geographical location. We keep our eyes open and our ears close to the ground to make sure that we can react directly to any algorithm alterations to make sure that you always stay ahead of the game.

Link Earning Strategies from Redstart SEO

Link Earning Strategy

Link Building has caused a number of websites to suffer under Google updates over the past few years. Yet, having a link strategy is still vital for the success of your website. We conduct a full review of your marketing strategy to form a full and proper link strategy that will drive your website in the right direction. We base everything on two things – relevance and trust.

How we monitor your website's performances with Redstart SEO

Conversions and Metrics

With each SEO Campaign, we use Conversions and Metrics to evaluate and analysis your website. Not only can metrics help determine what is currently working – what is not – what fine tuning we can do. It is also the best way to manage and measure your ROI and identify untapped opportunities. Working alongside you, we will establish what to measure and what to do with the data. In achieving this, we can see the difference between seeing serious results that we can work to simply putting content onto your website. The truly important Metrics that we will discuss with you are: Revenue – Customers, Sales – Lifetime Value – Profits Customers – Leads – Subscribers – Repeat Buying Behaviours Conversions – Points in your marketing funnel that are driving people to take action (or not and where those can be improved).

Redstart SEO’s Process

Research & Analysis

Understanding your business needs and scrutinising your competitors is a prerequisite of every SEO Campaign. Our preparation includes researching and analysing your business goals, your main competitors, their main traffic sources and their overall search performance to identify exactly where you stand in your industry.

Keyword Strategy

Understanding your business aims, who you’re targeting and your industry will allow us to recognise and categorise the keywords that will best work for your brand. We can manage and monitor our efforts with our Conversions and Metrics system to provide you with better results.

Choosing Your Strategy

Once we understand your goals, we can apply the SEO strategy that will work best for you and your business needs. We provide a monthly report that provides an analytic and work progress so you will be able to see the progress of your SEO strategy.

Content Content Content

Getting people to like and trust your website does not apply to just Social Media – it is vital to your whole presence online. The content we will recommend will not only generate Social, Natural and Ethical links, but it will also enhance the authority of your website as a prime resource within your industry.

Reporting & Evaluation

Tracking and testing is vital to any SEO Campaign and any Online Marketing Campaign to survive these days. We pride ourselves on providing a detailed report and evaluation that gets to the heart of the performance of your campaign.